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Adoro Te devote : paroles, mp3, partition et vidéos



Je T'adore dévotement

Je T'adore dévotement, Dieu caché,
Qui, sous ces apparences, vraiment prends corps,
À Toi, mon cœur tout entier se soumet
Parce qu'à Te contempler, tout entier il s'abandonne.

La vue, le goût, le toucher, en Toi font ici défaut,
Mais T'écouter seulement fonde la certitude de Foi.
Je crois tout ce qu'a dit le Fils de Dieu,
Il n'est rien de plus vrai que cette Parole de Vérité.

Sur la Croix se cachait Ta seule Divinité,
Mais ici, en même temps, se cache aussi Ton Humanité.
Toutes les deux, cependant, je les crois et les confesse,
Je demande ce qu'a demandé le larron pénitent.

Tes plaies, tel Thomas, moi je ne les vois pas,
Mon Dieu, cependant, Tu l'es, je le confesse,
Fais que, toujours davantage, en Toi je croie,
Je place mon Espérance, je T'aime.

Ô Mémorial de la mort du Seigneur,
Pain vivant qui procure la Vie à l'homme,
Procure à mon esprit de vivre de Toi
Et de toujours savourer Ta douceur.

Pieux pélican, Jésus mon Seigneur,
Moi qui suis impur, purifie-moi par Ton Sang
Dont une seule goutte aurait suffi à sauver
Le monde entier de toute faute.

Jésus, que sous un voile, à présent, je regarde,
Je T'en prie, que se réalise ce dont j'ai tant soif,
Te contempler, la face dévoilée,
Que je sois bienheureux, à la vue de Ta Gloire.

Hymne de Saint-Thomas d'Aquin.






Adoro te devote, latens Deitas, quae sub his figuris vere latitas : tibi se cor meum totum subiicit, quia te contemplans totum deficit.
Visus, tactus, gustus in te fallitur, sed auditu solo tuto creditur ; credo quidquid dixit Dei Filius : nil hoc verbo Veritatis verius.
In cruce latebat sola Deitas, at hic latet simul et humanitas ; ambo tamen credens atque confitens, peto quod petivit latro paenitens.
Plagas, sicut Thomas, non intueor ; Deum tamen meum te confiteor ; fac me tibi semper magis credere, in te spem habere, te diligere.
O memoriale mortis Domini ! Panis vivus, vitam praestans homini ! Praesta meae menti de te vivere et te illi semper dulce sapere.
Pie pellicane, Iesu Domine, me immundum munda tuo sanguine ; cuius una stilla salvum facere totum mundum quit ab omni scelere.
Iesu, quem velatum nunc aspicio, oro fiat illud quod tam sitio ; ut te revelata cernens facie, visu sim beatus tuae gloriae. Amen.

D'après le Missel Romain.





Hidden God, devoutly I adore Thee, truly present underneath these veils: all my heart subdues itself before Thee, since it all before Thee faints and fails.
Not to sight, or taste, or touch be credit hearing only do we trust secure; I believe, for God the Son has said it- Word of truth that ever shall endure.
On the cross was veiled Thy Godhead's splendor, here Thy manhood lies hidden too; unto both alike my faith I render, and, as sued the contrite thief, I sue.
Though I look not on Thy wounds with Thomas, Thee, my Lord, and Thee, my God, I call: make me more and more believe Thy promise, hope in Thee, and love Thee over all.
O memorial of my Savior dying, Living Bread, that gives life to man; make my soul, its life from Thee supplying, taste Thy sweetness, as on earth it can.
Deign, O Jesus, Pelican of heaven, me, a sinner, in Thy Blood to lave, to a single drop of which is given all the world from all its sin to save.
Contemplating, Lord, Thy hidden presence, grant me what I thirst for and implore, in the revelation of Thy essence to behold Thy glory evermore. Amen.

Translation by John O'Hagan (1822-1890).

One of the five beautiful hymns St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) composed in honor of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament at Pope Urban IV's (1261-1264) request when the Pope first established the Feast of Corpus Christi in 1264. The hymn is found in the Roman Missal as a prayer of thanksgiving after Mass. A partial indulgence is granted to the faithful who devoutly recite this hymn.



Other English translation


I devoutly adore you, O hidden God,
Truly hidden beneath these appearances.
My whole heart submits to you,
And in contemplating you,
It surrenders itself completely.
Sight, touch, taste are all deceived
In their judgment of you,
But hearing suffices firmly to believe.
I believe all that the Son of God has spoken;
There is nothing truer than this word of truth.
On the cross only the divinity was hidden,
But here the humanity is also hidden.
I believe and confess both,
And ask for what the repentant thief asked.
I do not see the wounds as Thomas did,
But I confess that you are my God.
Make me believe more and more in you,
Hope in you, and love you.
O memorial of our Lord's death!
Living bread that gives life to man,
Grant my soul to live on you,
And always to savor your sweetness.
Lord Jesus, Good Pelican,
wash me clean with your blood,
One drop of which can free
the entire world of all its sins.
Jesus, whom now I see hidden,
I ask you to fulfill what I so desire:
That on seeing you face to face,
I may be happy in seeing your glory. Amen.



Poetic English translation


Prostrate I adore Thee, Deity unseen,
Who Thy glory hidest 'neath these shadows mean;
Lo, to Thee surrendered, my whole heart is bowed,
Tranced as it beholds Thee, shrined within the cloud.
Taste, and touch, and vision, to discern Thee fail;
Faith, that comes by hearing, pierces through the veil.
I believe whate'er the Son of God hath told;
What the Truth hath spoken, that for truth I hold.
On the Cross lay hidden but thy Deity,
Here is hidden also Thy Humanity:
But in both believing and confessing, Lord,
Ask I what the dying thief of Thee implored.
Thy dread wounds, like Thomas, though I cannot see,
His be my confession, Lord and God, of Thee,
Make my faith unfeigned ever-more increase,
Give me hope unfading, love that cannot cease.
O memorial wondrous of the Lord's own death;
Living Bread, that giveth all Thy creatures breath,
Grant my spirit ever by Thy life may live,
To my taste Thy sweetness never-failing give.
Pelican of mercy, Jesu, Lord and God,
Cleanse me, wretched sinner, in Thy Precious Blood:
Blood where one drop for human-kind outpoured
Might from all transgression have the world restored.
Jesu, whom now veiled, I by faith descry,
What my soul doth thirst for, do not, Lord, deny,
That thy face unveiled, I at last may see,
With the blissful vision blest, my God, of Thee. Amen.


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1. marceau Bruno 16/05/2011

Je vous apprécie dans le nom précié de Jé vous recomande ma prière,j'ai grand besoin de la prière,mon foyer est en détresse,l'incompréhension et l'insécurité sont à la base tout cela,ma femme ne s'adonne pas à Dieu,elle se laisse emporter par l'esprit mauvais,l'esprit malin. Cela a réagi sur ma fille de 9 ans.J'ai grand besoin de votre prière s'il vous plait,aide-moi!

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